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Retrieving a Lost Tourism Fee Ticket

This service is for travelers who have already paid the Tourism Fee and did NOT use our system. If you used our system to pay the Tourism Fee, you do not need to fill out this application. Returning customers can retrieve a copy of the document in their account under "Help & Visa Downloads" or Contact Us for a copy of the document. After the retrieval process is complete, we will keep a copy of the ticket in our secured data base for the life of its validity.

Note: The retrieval application is for travelers that paid the Tourism Fee after January 2009. If you paid the fee before this date, you will need to fill out a regular application.


How To Retrieve a Lost Ticket

Validity of Tickets

Fill out the retrieval application form with the information as it appears on your passport. Remember: This service is for travelers who did not use our system and aren't able to locate their original ticket.
US Citizen: 10 years - Multiple Entries.    
After the application is submitted, we will start a retrieval process with the Argentinian Immigration Directorate. This process can take 2 - 5 business days. Australian Citizen: 1 year - Multiple Entries.
Receive email with visa ticket Once your ticket has been verified as valid, you will receive a copy to the email you provide.

Canadian Citizen: One Month before Exp of Passport - Multiple Entries


More Commonly Asked Questions

Are Argentina Tourism Fees available for purchase at the Argentinian airport? Unfortunately not. The Tourism Fee must be purchased online in advance. This is the third time I’m traveling to Argentina, how can I find out if my Tourism Fee is still valid? Check your passport. When you entered the first time with the Tourism Fee, Argentinian officials stamped your passport showing the Tourism Fee. If that stamp is there it is the only proof for future trips that you have already paid. You don't have to worry about it. What if I have the Tourism Fee on my iPhone or iPad and show it to them that way? It must be printed out on paper.


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