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Step-by-Step Application Process

Erica Goldsmith posted this on Jul 22, 2014

On the home page click on "Apply Now" or "GET MY RECIPROCITY FEE" Home


Complete the form with your personal information Application Form


Verify that the information is correct and click "Next"


Form Completed


Review the entered information. Click "Add Another Reciprocity Fee" if you need to register a second applicant or click "Proceed to Checkout"  to pay the fee


Review the information


After clicking on "Proceed to Checkout", choose a payment method and pay the fee.


Transaction Checkout


When the transaction is completed you will get a thank you page, as well as 3 emails:

A welcome email (with a user id and password in case you need to access your account), a new order email, and the document email will arrive as a PDF file. The speed of delivery varies on what you selected during the application process. Options are 10 minutes or 1 day. Once you receive the document, print it and keep it with your travel documents. Official at the airport will ask to see the document, and again once you arrive in Argentina.

Click here to see what the Argentina Reciprocity Fee ticket looks like.



How can I obtain the Argentina Tourism Fee? -- Complete the online form and go through the checkout process. You will be able to download the receipt from our Website once the Argentina Tourism Fee is processed.