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What do i do once i finish the application? 

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with the document (barcode) attached as a .PDF file. Delivery of document depends on speed of service you selected. Print out the barcode and keep it with your passport. You must present the barcode to airport officials and again once you enter Argentina.You will also be able to download the document from your account under "Help & Visa Downloads". 

I already paid the fee, but i cant find the barcode. Can you retrieve it for me?

Yes we can. Please read the Retrieving Lost Tourism Fee Ticket page for more information.


Is it possible to purchase the Tourism Fee at the Argentine airport? 

No, it is not. As of 2013, Argentina made it mandatory for all travelers that require the Tourism Fee to be paid online and in advance.

I was born in Argentina, do I have to pay the fee? 

As long as it states on your passport you were born in Argentina, you are not required to pay the fee.

I am arriving in a cruise. Do I have to pay the fee? 

Yes you do. The only way you dont pay the fee is if the ship is docked in a Argentina port for 12 hours or less and you do not leave the ship. If you are planning on getting off the ship (regardless if its only a few hours), you will need to pay the Tourism Fee.  

What if i don't receive the document via email? 

Certain inbox filters might block the email we send out. This doesn't happen often, but if it does, check your "spam" folder. You are also able to get a copy of your document (barcode) in your account under "Help & Visa Downloads". If you still can't retrieve a copy, please contact us.

Note: Delivery of the document may be delayed if:

  • Argentina Immigration Directorate states the applicant has already purchased a Tourism Fee.
  • Argentina server is down (this may happen in high season or during the night).
  • The expiration date of the passport is entered incorrectly (Canadian citizens).


For more frequently asked questions please visit our Knowledge Base.


Why is a Tourism Fee required for entering Argentina? -- Argentine citizens have to pay a similar fee to enter the United States, Canada and Australia.