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Argentina Reciprocity Fee for US Citizens

Last updated: 08/24/2016
Argentina has permanently waived the Reciprocity Fee for U.S. citizens. Visitors no longer have to pay to enter Argentina. President Mauricio Macri has issued an executive order that has officially terminated the entry tax. A passport is the only document needed to enter Argentina for tourism or short-term business. A visitor's stay may not exceed 90 days

Last updated: 03/24/2016
Argentina temporarily suspended the Reciprocity Fee payment for American citizens. This means that U.S. citizens can enter Argentina as tourists without paying the entry fee. This is a temporary halt on the reciprocity fee payment and should resume 90 days from the aforementioned date unless executive order is passed.


Prior to the waiver, US citizens who wanted to enjoy the marvels of Argentina needed to purchase a reciprocity fee. Even if a visa was not required for tourists who spend less than 90 days visiting this amazingly unique South American country, US citizens needed to pay a reciprocity fee of $160.

If you are planning to stay more than 90 days in Argentina, you need a visa. Also, as a student, you need a separate Student visa complemented by an official invitation from the University in Argentina you want to study at. Also, other professional or artistic activities require a visa. However, things are a little less complicated when it comes to Argentina reciprocity fee for US citizens. 

After completing the online form, all the information entered was sent to Argentina’s Immigration office. In less than 24 hours the email containing the reciprocity fee would be sent. After arrival in Argentina, the visitor would of gone to the DNM office at the airport and present the printed reciprocity fee receipt.

I made a mistake filling out my personal information when applying for the Tourism Fee at the Argentina Government Website. Is it possible to correct this information? -- You must contact the Argentina Government directly applied via their Website. Their number is at +5411.5080.3030. But if you used our website instead, then just contact us and we will help you.