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Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Canadian Citizens

Canada is an extremely beautiful country, but there is one country more beautiful than Canada – Argentina. Most Canadians love to travel to South America and discover another culture. Also, they can immerse in a totally new world. Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, offers an amazing and unforgettable experience, especially for young men and women who love to hang out and meet new people.

However, in order to fully enjoy everything Argentina has to offer, you need to know that there is a Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Canadian Citizens that has to be paid. This fee can be acquired from and is available in two options:

1. $92 + $20 – Available 10 years, multiple number of entries.

If you really want to live each day at its fullest, visiting Argentina this upcoming summer is of paramount importance. Make the most out of your time there, but don’t forget to pay the Tourism Fee and get legally insured.


Are visas required to enter Argentina? - Canadian, Australian and Chinese citizens have to pay a “Tourism Fee” to visit Argentina. This is not an actual visa. It is a similar fee that Argentinian citizens have to pay to visit the other countries