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Dear Traveler,
Welcome to the leading private processor for the Argentina Tourism Fee. This site was born due to the vast troubles the official site (Provincia Pagos) has had through out the years. Their payment system is known to be very unstable at times. It has been reported the processor to charge customer credit card multiple times. We advise caution when making a payment with the official site.
A quick overview: Argentina made the Tourism Fee to be paid online and in advance to all Canadian, Australian and Chinese citizens. Payment at the airport is no longer accepted. So its very important all travelers visiting Argentina to pay the fee in advance.
We have been assisting travelers in paying the Tourism Fee since early 2014. Our main goal is to make the payment process as smooth as possible. Our secured merchant service (PayPal) gives our customer peace of mind. Avoid putting your money at risk with Provincia Pagos payment system. Our service has an amazing track record since its inception. Please feel free to review our customer's feedback.  
We look forward in assisting and facilitating the application process for the Tourism Fee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the entry fee. 

Why is a Tourism Fee required for entering Argentina? -- Argentine citizens have to pay a similar fee to enter the United States, Canada and Australia.