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Argentina is a truly amazing country, offering a wide variety of tourist attractions and boasting vibrant full of life cities. If you are one of the many tourists from the Canada, Australia and China wishing to visit this gorgeous country, there are two important things you need to be aware of. First of all, you need to pay a Visa Fee. Secondly, it must be done online. As of resent, the United States was waived the Reciprocity Fee.

Currently, Canadians and Australians must pay for a visa fee (Reciprocity Fee) and Chinese citizens for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The Tourism Fee must be paid online prior to your arrival. It is of paramount importance to remember that cash payments will not be accepted at the airport. This fee is “reciprocal” because Argentinian residents are charged the same amount when entering these three countries. However, European Union passport holders are not charged this visa fee because Argentinians aren't required to pay an entry fee when traveling to Europe.

In order to get the peace of mind that you will be able to go to Argentina hassle-free and not experience any problems whatsoever, start here and apply for a Tourism Fee.

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Tourism Fees

  • US Citizen, TERMINATED
  • Canadian Citizen, $72 + $20 service fee, Valid 10 years
  • Australian Citizen, $100 + $20 service fee, Valid 1 year.
  • Chinese Citizen, $50 + $30 service fee, Valid 90 days.
  • Expedited service available.


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Please note that this Website is neither owned nor affiliated with the Argentina Government or the Provincia Pagos processor. We assist travelers with their Tourism Fee application for a service fee, providing a secure US based transaction free of international credit card charges. However, you can also apply directly through the Argentina Government by visiting

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Do Argentinians need to pay for the Argentina Tourism Fee if they have a passport from the US, Canada or Australia? -- Argentinians,that hold a US, Canadian or Australian passport, are not required to purchase the Argentina Tourism Fee.